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DESCRIPTION Ultra-mild Shower Cream gives your body a nice treat with almond oil and almond milk already when showering. The skin is pleasantly refreshed and soft to touch. Like a bath in the s...
17.95 €
freight inclusive
DESCRIPTION To care for your body after bath or shower inspira:cosmetics offers a Body Soufflé, an innovative texture that is light-weight and yet full bodied at the same time, penetrates quickl...
19.95 €
freight inclusive
Home application: Spray from a distance of 30-40 cm on face and body and enjoy the refreshing scent of Summer in Amalfi and the pleasant coolness of the spray. Keep eyes and mouth closed. Applic...
12.50 €
freight inclusive
Special Ingredients Sunflower oil: Strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin moisture. Argan oil: Precious oil of the argan tree with moisturizing and calming effect Application: Press do...
14.95 €
freight inclusive
LET´S PARTY! The inspira: cosmetics Lifting Complex ampoule gives you a radiant glow. It is a small concentrated beauty fl ash wonder, lifts your skin, gives a fresh complexion and plumps up intens...
8.50 €
freight inclusive
Cleanses thoroughly without leaving a dry sensation. The scent gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being.
7.80 €
freight inclusive
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