It´s a kind of magic!

The new Magic Spheres from German skin care specialist inspira: cosmetics are precious skin care pearls made from the best ingredients of the sea and contain a beauty secret for radiant and beautiful skin. They are created using a demanding biotechnological process on the basis of a powerful brown algae and filled with a cocktail of active ingredients that protects ideally from harmful external influences like UV-radiation, air pollution and have remarkable line filling/smoothing properties. The skin´s texture is greatly improved, a 3D matrix is formed on the skin that noticeably firms the skin, redefines contours and plumps up lines and wrinkles.

The pearls are embedded in a highly active serum made of polysaccharides which is also loaded with active ingredients. inspira: cosmetics offers 4 varieties of Magic Spheres that  efficiently and amazingly quickly treat the most common beauty problems. Like magic the skin immediately looks more fresh, more radiant, smoother and more youthful!

Live now – age later!