inspira: cosmetics loves your skin and the environment. The new CBD SKIN CARE care range was developed to strengthen your skin, protect it from irritation, prevent premature skin ageing and effectively and visibly alleviate the first signs of ageing. The active ingredient CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant and is appreciated by more and more consumers. All CBD SKIN CARE products are vegan and were developed with great respect for humans, animals and the environment. inspira: cosmetics tests all new products on volunteers and not on animals. The packaging is easy to recycle, made of glass and single-grade plastic. The folding boxes contain hemp fibres.
Hemp is a sustainable raw material, is harvested three times a year and the plant grows 4 metres per year (a tree can be used for paper production after 7 years at the earliest). Cellulose from hemp does not have to be bleached and no pesticides are needed when hemp is grown, which protects bees and other small creatures.