These are the three Gs that the new Triple G series stands for.

• Glamour because it gives you an incomparable red carpet look.
• Glow because special active ingredients make your skin glow and
• Guardian because it protects the skin from harmful influences in the best possible way.

Triple G is the perfect answer to your needs and the demands your lifestyle places on cosmetics. The line offers comprehensive protection against blue light and even wifi radiation from smartphones and routers through a sustainably sourced, natural extract from the freshwater algae Tetradesmus obliqus. An active ingredient from the superfruit Araca de agua improves tone, reduces signs of fatigue and dimi-nishes redness. In combination with a green algae extract with detox effect, your skin gets more glow and the colour tone and evenness of the skin‘s appearance are optimised.
All products are vegan, developed without animal testing, have sustainable, easi-ly recyclable packaging and are manufactured in Germany according to the latest cosmetic GMP (good manufacturing practice).