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inspira: absolue now offers skin suffering from this condition a holistic course of cosmeto-therapy. It treats and prevents SKIN BURNOUT through targeted protection and extensive regeneration of the skin, with inspira: cosmetics’ scientists using the skin’s chronobiological cycle to achieve this. The day care products in the line contain special active substances that are based on the latest research findings and have anti-pollution and destressing effects, while comprehensive protection from UVA, UVB and infrared radiation is provided too. The skin being treated is therefore detoxified, soothed and  comprehensively shielded from harmful environmental influences. During the night, high-tech active substances rebuild the skin. These contain valuable lipids which reduce wrinkles and strengthen contours. At the same time, transepidermal water loss decreases significantly and the skin becomes more resistant and less sensitive. Tired, pale skin is given back a rosy complexion and a radiant glow. The inspira: absolue line is completed by special care products that soothe irritated skin immediately, treat tired, dry skin or reduce blemishes effectively.THANKS TO ITS HOLISTIC APPROACH, inspira: absolue IS SUITABLE FOR ANY SKIN TYPE OF ANY AGE AND WILL MAKE IT LOOK THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IT CAN BE.

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