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They are strengthened thanks to an improved Collagen framework, resulting in an improved supply of oxygen to the connective tissue. Dark circles around the eyes and puffi ness are reduced, while the Hyaluronic acid‘s high moisture binding capacity demonstrates its lifting effect even in the short term.

Purpose and function

• Smoothes lines and creases

• Reduces circles around the eyes and puffi ness

• Increases the resilience and elasticity of the eye area

• Stimulates the skin’s own regeneration process

• Rich and easy to distribute

• Ideally suited for long-lasting eye make-up



Apply regularly in the morning and evening.

The synergy of medicine and cosmetics – made in Germany
The skin, our largest organ, is exposed to various external and internal influences every day. Professional stress, dry air created by heating systems, fast food, alcohol, stimulants like tobacco and environmental influences all affect it. This constant stress leaves behind visible evidence like premature wrinkles, pigmentation marks, a pale complexion and redness. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to strip off your old skin and replace it with a new one? The good news is you can! With inspira: med, the gentle alternative to plastic surgery, a holistic method has been developed to help the skin regain its smooth, youthful appearance quickly and then maintain an even, radiant complexion. inspira: med treatment relies on a reliable duo: the dermatologist, beauty professional and YOU. The secret to its success is its perfect combination of treatment sessions at a medical spa or institute and subsequent care taken by you at home using products specially developed for this. inspira: med is a holistic method that consists of just three steps. In step one, the skin’s surface is gently removed using fruit acid products to free the skin of its grey tinge. In step two, regeneration processes in the skin at cellular level are triggered, and in step three, tailored products that protect the regenerated skin and keep it looking young for longer are used.