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For stressed, tired or hyperpigmented skin.

Content 14ml

Vitamin C reduces the hyperpigmentation and age spots that occur with increasing age by inhibiting melanin production. The formation of new collagen is stimulated and the skin is intensively moisturised and smoothed by glycerin and hyaluronic acid.


Effects & Characteristics:

Reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation

Stimulation of the connective tissue´s  metabolism

Stimulation of the production of Collagen

Inhibition of Collagen degradation

Regeneration and healing of connective tissue damage (sun, stress, nicotine…)

Antioxidant and inhibition of Melanin synthesis



Application: Carefully break the ampoule with a tissue, give the contents into the hands and distribute it gently with light pressure onto face, neck and décolleté line. Then apply the usual day or night car