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Age Reboot Serum reactivates skin youthfulness with moss stem cells, triple hyaluronic acid and Phyto-EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). Moss stem cells promote the activity of the cell nucleus, optimize the skin's moisture balance, improve the skin's adaptability and resistance to environmental influences and refine the skin for a flawless complexion.The skin appears firmer, smoother, more even and radiates youthful freshness.

In clinical studies a physiological rejuventation of 10 years could be proven when regularly used for 28 days.

Main active substances

Moss stem cells: innovative active ingredient from biotechnologically produced moss (Physcomitrella patens) that supports the vitality of cell nuclei to combat signs of skin aging.

Long-chain hyaluronic acid: high molecular weight, cannot penetrate the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Short-chain hyaluronic acid: low molecular weight, penetrates the skin and plumps up from within.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid: builds a net like structure and fills in lines and wrinkles, redefines contours

Phyto-EFG (Epidermal Growth Factor): epidermal growth factor obtained biotechnologically from a tobacco-like plant (N. bethamiana) native to Australia; the active substance acts as a signal molecule, which activates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and provides an optical cushioning of fine lines and wrinkles.



Apply morning and evening after cleansing and before usual care.


Apply 2-3 drops onto the face, neck and neckline and allow working in briefly.

Then apply one of the following masks: Calming Gel Mask, Bio Cellulose Mask Age Defying or Peel Off Mask Filmalgine.