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53.50 € (incl. Tax)
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Serum with an alpenrose stem cell extract that soothes immediately, strengthens the skin’s barrier,increases the vitality and energy of the skin’s stem cells and prevents UV-induced stress.

Content 30ml

Biophytex will reduce the appearance of redness and improve the skin’s overall skin tone, while Pentavitin and hyaluronic acid will smoothe the skin and moisturise it intensively.


Effects & Characteristics:

· Forms a water-binding film on the surface of the skin

· Protects the skin from dryness

· Pads out lines and wrinkles

· Long-lasting moisturising of the skin (long-term effect lasting 72 hours)

· Strengthening of the barrier function of the skin

· Reduces the transepidermal water loss

· Immediate calming and anti-inflammatory effect

· Strengthens the skin barrier

· Increases vitality and energy of the skin's own stem cells

· Protection from UV-induced stress

· Strengthening of the capillary system

· Improvement of skin tone

· More even and fresh skin




Apply the serum to your skin after cleansing. Afterwards, apply your usual day or night care cream on top of the serum.