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Innovative lifting mask for the face with a novel 3-layer carrier material consisting of luxurious silver foil, an occlusion effect layer and a contact layer with the skin. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate particularly deep into the skin. Contains Swiss Icewine to improve the skin's elasticity, an extract of the high alpine Saponaria for an even complexion, a biomimetic peptide for effective wrinkle smoothing, Mallow extract to reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Botox like effect) and French oat extract, which has an intensively moisturizing effect on the skin. The mask can be perfectly adapted to any face shape as it comes in two parts.

Effects & Characteristics:

• Unique 3 layer space age technology material for better adhesion and more deep penetration of the active ingredients

• Anti-wrinkle effect

• Improves skin´s elasticity

• More even complexion

• Botox like effect relaxes muscle contraction to fight mimic lines

• 3D lifting effect, redefining facial contours

• Fits any face due to its separation into two parts

• Soothes the skin

• Smoothes the skin´s surface


Cleanse face, open sachet, apply bottom half, then top (silver side out), let work in for 15 minutes and massage rest of the serum into the skin. Then use day or night cream to finish.